TSB Difference

TSB Difference

Child Gates for Stairs

The Stair Barrier Difference

The Stair Barrier offers a safe, customized, and attractive solution for all types of staircases. It is designed specifically for use at the bottom of stairs and to keep children and pets safely off the stairs. Our goal is to provide a safe solution people need and want, while adding to the decor of your home.

Structurally Enforced

Many gate injuries are caused by the weight of a gate falling on a child. The Stair Barrier has interior vertical struts & horizontal webbing with no bars or top rails for children to leverage weight on, making it difficult to climb. The struts and webbing keep The Stair Barrier from being pulled down or lifted up.
Banister Baby Gate
Stair Gate Easy Installation

Easy Installation

No drilling is required for banister-to-banister gates and there is minimal drilling needed for banister-to-wall gates (on the wall side). Once you order The Stair Barrier, your gate will be shipped with its very own installation kit. No additional purchases, mounting or extension kits are required.

Requires Little To No Drilling

We are proud that our product requires no drilling into banisters! Minimal drilling is required with Banister-to-Wall gates, but only on the wall side. Your banisters are now safe, too!
Custom Baby Gates for Stairs
Portable Baby Gates

Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Store

Banister-to-banister gates are not permanent, roll easily, can travel with you and are small enough to store anywhere. Weighing only 6 lbs, The Stair Barrier can be taken with you, anytime, anywhere.

Proudly Made in America

We make our product right here in America with American made materials. It's important to us to be able to to touch the materials, see it being built and know the people making it.
Best Rated Baby Gates

Made With Recycled Materials

The majority of our products are made from Repreve, which consists of recycled water bottles. It's always been our goal to make a product that was beautiful and sustainable and most importantly, would leave the world a better place for our children.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Gates

Made with weather and mildew resistant fabric, the indoor-outdoor gates can be used to block off your outdoor deck or porch, keeping your littles ones and pets safe.
Pet Safety Gates
Indoor Baby Gates

Welcome Your Guests In Style

Your stairs are often the focal point of your home and might be the first thing people see when they walk in. With a variety of fabrics to choose from, you can choose a color & pattern that fits your home decor and style perfectly!

Rolls Neatly to the Side

No more hassling with metal & plastic gates or taking them down and finding a place to store them. The Stair Barrier easily rolls to one side when not needed, keeping it neatly out of the way.
Retractable Baby Gate for Stairs
Custom Child Safety Gates

Customizable for Your Unique Staircase

As you know, not all staircases are made the same. Whether you have curved, column, round or any other shaped banister, The Stair Barrier can easily secure around them with the simple straps and dual-sided buckles. We offer custom barriers up to 100", and our Custom Order Department will help you design a barrier for your specific needs.

Specifically Designed for the Bottom of the Stairs

Most gates are not recommended for use at the top of the stairs. A child or pet's body weight can easily dislodge the gate causing them to fall. With a barrier located at the bottom of the stairs, it will keep your little ones off the stairs and out of trouble (we hope!).
Gate for Bottom of Stairs
Baby Barrier Gate

Ability to Angle Mount

Many staircases are custom designed, meaning there isn't always a straight line from banister-to-banister or banister-to-wall. The interior structure and no pressure mount system enable The Stair Barrier to go from point A to point B at whatever angle is needed.