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Welcome guests to your home in style with a stair barrier designed specifically for the bottom of the stairs

Banister to Banister never requires drilling, Minimal drilling on wall side for Banister to Wall

Keep children off the stairs and dogs contained to one level of your home while adding to the decor of your home!

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Best Baby Gates For Stairs - The Stair Barrier

Any first time parent will tell you that it’s stressful finding just the right products to keep your child safe as they grow. There are many different items in your home that could cause harm, from cabinets and stovetops to bathtubs and staircases. Childproofing your home is key in keeping your little ones safe, and this includes finding the best baby gates for your stairs.

Early on, we knew that not all safety gates were made the same and not all gates easily fit where you needed them most. We created The Stair Barrier because we needed a unique solution in order to protect our children when they were little. We were unable to find an effective safety gate for our babies that fit at the bottom of a wide stairway with banisters.

What started as the idea for a home solution quickly evolved into many different products. We started with the classic Banister to Banister Basic Gate, and found that to truly provide versatility and safety, we needed to offer more. We expanded our options to include wall mounting on one side that would then connect to a banister with products like our Wall to Banister Signature Gates. But we didn’t stop there. We also created a variety of stair barriers that can be utilized both inside or outside, such as our Banister to Banister Indoor-Outdoor Gate, and offer custom options for those stairways that truly add to a home but don’t fit a standard size with our Custom Designed Gates.

With durability and style, you can’t go wrong with The Stair Barrier to protect your children and pets, keeping them safely off the steps. Shop with us online today!