Enter to Win Eco-Friendly Baby Gear

By Janelle Fitzpatrick
on April 22, 2017

Earth Day Giveaway

In honor of Earth Day, The Stair Barrier and TEKHNI have teamed up to bring parents two must-have baby gear products made with REPREVE. Each Stair Barrier featuring REPREVE gives 34 recycled plastic bottles a new life and each TEKHNI woven sling with REPREVE repurposes 25.

Enter to Win Eco-Friendly Baby Gear

The Stair Barrier's Eco-Friendly Safety Gates Give Plastic Bottles a Second Life

By Janelle Fitzpatrick
on April 17, 2017

The Stair Barrier's Eco-Friendly Safety Gates Give Plastic Bottles a Second Life

When we set out to design a safety gate for children, we wanted to consider not only what kind of environment we are creating for them now, but also what kind of world we are leaving them in the future. We knew that in addition to handcrafting our safety gates in the US, there could be a way to produce a sustainable safety solution as well. We found our answer in Repreve.

Repreve’s recycled woven fibers are a high quality polyester chip derived from plastic bottles. Each of our Repreve safety gates give an estimated 34 plastic bottles a new purpose. Of all of our fabric choices, six of them are made with Repreve, giving you the option to make a sustainable choice for your family, your home, and our Earth.

Repreve uses a custom-designed filtration and recycling system to ensure the manufacture of a clean and pure chip. Their recycled fibers are used by leading brands such as Ford, Patagonia, Steelcase, and The North Face. In addition to textile applications, the Repreve chip can also be used in other products such as paint rollers, carpet tiles, car door panels, and more.

To shop our eco-friendly safety gates, look for the Repreve logo in the bottom left corner of the product photo. The Stair Barrier's six baby and pet gates woven with Repreve recycled fibers include: Basic Grey, Modern Grey, Heather Grey, Mocha, Khaki, and Indoor/Outdoor Onyx.

The Stair Barrier Name No. 1 Outdoor Safety Gate

By Janelle Fitzpatrick
on March 31, 2017

The Stair Barrier Name No. 1 Outdoor Safety Gate

In a recent ranking of the top six outdoor safety gates available on Amazon, The Stair Barrier was named the number one option by EZVid Wiki. Compiled with 25 hours of research, this video wiki guide is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of baby product options available to consumers in the United States.

In their latest video, EZVid Wiki specifically calls The Stair Barrier one of the safest options for “curious children” because of its lack of bars and wiring, which children can stick their hands or legs through and get stuck in. The video assessment also highlights The Stair Barrier’s soft but tear-resistant fabric, its ability to roll up for “compact storage” and travel, as well as its easy setup.

The Stair Barrier offers two indoor/outdoor fabric options for Wall to Banister and Banister to Banister outdoor staircases. 

Prep Your Pooch

By Janelle Fitzpatrick
on March 23, 2017

Prep Your Pooch

In many ways as a couple, your dog is like your first baby. It’s likely that your pup will sense something is up almost as soon as you are pregnant, but there are still some important steps to take to ensure one big happy family. Below are some steps to take during your pregnancy to prepare your dog for baby’s arrival, and some tips to help make the transition easier on your dog (and you) when baby comes home.

During Pregnancy:

1. Get Any Unruly Behavior Under Control

Things that seemed like a minor nuisance before you were pregnant will become larger issues the closer you get to baby’s arrival. For example, your dog jumping up to greet you may be cute now, but it won’t be when you’re 8 months pregnant or have a newborn in your arms. Sign them up for an obedience class to nip any lingering bad habits in the bud.

2. Introduce Baby’s Items and Nursery

Betsy Saul, co-founder of suggests in this article to get a doll and treat it as you would an infant. Setup your baby’s things, such as the bassinet and crib, and use the items with the doll as you would with a baby. Allow your pup to sniff around these items and get acclimated to them. Saul also suggests walking your dog with the stroller before baby arrives.

Cesar Millan advises to keep the nursery off-limits at first and to set clear boundaries for your dog. Conditioning your dog to respect an invisible barrier around the nursery and only allowing entry under your command will establish that the room belongs to you--the pack leader. Or, set-up a Stair Barrier as you approach your due date, to ensure your dog stays on the first floor of your home and away from baby’s nursery.

3. Line Up Your Dog Sitter for Your Hospital Stay

Do you know who will be caring for Fido while mom and dad are at the hospital? Make arrangements sooner rather than later, and if it’s someone new to your dog, invite them over to meet your pup before the big day arrives.

After Baby’s Born:

1. Introduce and Claim Baby’s Scent First

Before you bring your baby home from the hospital, Cesar Millan suggests bringing home an item with your baby’s scent on it first, such as your baby’s burp cloth. By allowing your dog to sniff the item from a distance while you are holding it, you are communicating that any item with that scent belongs to you and that your dog requires permission to approach it. For details on how to walk your dog through this training process, check out this post.

2. Take the First Meeting Slow

    Expect a lot of licks when you get home! "Your pooch is going to be overjoyed to reunite with you. Let your husband hold the baby when you walk into your house," advises Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer and host of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog. "Greet the dog first, since he's missed you and will probably give you an enthusiastic hello. Then, after he's chilled out, sit down with your baby and let your dog sniff him to get acquainted."

    3. Include Your Pouch in Baby Activities

    Your dog probably won't understand why home life is changing and he may end up getting into trouble. Rather than always making him the outsider, "Include your dog in baby-related activities," suggests dog trainer Mikkel Becker. "Let him sit nearby when you're changing a diaper, and talk to both of your "babies" while you're at it. You'll give Bowzer attention and build Baby's language skills too."

    Baby Registry: Tips for Getting Started

    By Janelle Fitzpatrick
    on March 07, 2017

    Baby Registry: Tips for Getting Started

    You’ve got the big news and are ready to start planning for the newest member of your family. Enter: baby registering. We know it can be overwhelming to consider everything you’ll need. These simple tips will help you navigate the baby-registry world to ensure that you’re as ready as you can possibly be for baby’s first year and beyond. 

    1. Don’t be afraid to start early

    Channel your excitement and start your registry as early as you like. There’s no hard and fast rule for starting too soon, and nowadays, there are more deals and discounts you can take advantage of if you start sooner. Even if you haven’t gone public with your pregnancy yet, you can still build registry lists on major retailers like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Target without notifying the world by changing your list settings to private.

    2. Plan beyond babyhood

    We’ve heard it time and time again: babies grow up fast and you and your home need to be ready for it. Don’t be afraid to add items that you won’t need until several months down the road. Babyproofing items are especially important to consider here. You don’t want to be caught off guard when your little one suddenly starts moving and exploring. Start planning early for the safety items you’ll need before you know it and add The Stair Barrier to your registry now.

    3. Harness the power of your social media community

    When you’re overwhelmed by all the options on the market or stuck between your top two brands, don’t be afraid to tap into the opinions of friends and family on Facebook and social media. People who have been there are eager to share their advice, and you can’t beat the honesty and transparency of real parents. Sites like weeSpring make it easy to find reviews from friends.

    4. Don’t limit yourself

    With today’s online registry options, you can now curate your list from as many retailers as you like. Either register with multiple retailers, or utilize the universal registry options offered by sites like and Babylist, which allow you to source from multiple retailers, from big chain stores to the local retailers you love. 

    5. Remember you’re a team

    Gone are the days when the excitement of baby registries were reserved for moms-to-be . Involve your hubby in the baby registry process and remember that no one knows you or your family’s needs as well as your partner. Attend baby-registry events as a couple or set aside a specific time in the week to sit down and research together.

    Dogs and Stairs: Safety Statistics That Might Surprise You

    By Chris Smith
    on February 27, 2017

    Staircases can be a hazard for small dogs. In addition to the danger of falling, repeated trips up and down the stairs leads to joint stress.

    It’s widely known among parents that a home is not designed with a baby’s safety in mind, but what about the safety of your fur babies? Statistics show that a number of home factors may be an overlooked safety hazard for your pup, and one of them is your staircase.

    The risks of climbing stairs lie not only in the potential for falling, but also in added stress on a small dog’s joints. Daily trips up and down the stairs may cause premature joint wear. Here are some numbers to put it in perspective for our four-legged friends, published in this article by Care2.

    dogs and staircase safety

    Take into consideration that the average height of each step is 8 inches, which is taller than most small-breed dogs, and it’s easy to see how a home’s staircase can be a huge feat for your dog to conquer multiple times in a day.

    Solutions include keeping the stairs as off-limits as you can. After your little ones are old enough to handle the stairs, keep your Stair Barrier in place to limit your dog’s access to the stairs. You can neatly roll it to the side when you and your family are home, but close it off during the day while you’re at work and your dog is home alone.

    You can also minimize the stair’s impact on your dog’s body by training them not to skip the last steps in the staircase. “When running down the staircase, small dogs often disregard the last two or three steps. Training your dog to pause at the bottom of the staircase and sit before navigating the last step can help prevent injury and premature joint wear.”

    Win a Stair Barrier of Your Choice!

    By Chris Smith
    on February 17, 2017

    Eyeing our fabric safety gates? Here's your chance to win one in your choice of fabric and configuration! 

    An entirely new kind of gate to keep dogs and babies off staircases, The Stair Barrier offers parents a solution to the age-old baby proofing dilemma: safe or attractive. With The Stair Barrier, you get both. 

    Constructed with upholstery grade fabric and reinforced internally with horizontal webbing and vertical struts, children cannot climb or lift our safety gates. In fact, many moms have told us that once their Stair Barrier was installed and there were no longer any bars to hang on or stick their hands through, their children lost interest in their stairs!.

    Enter by February 23, 2017. Good luck!


    The Stair Barrier February 2017 Giveaway

    Keep Your Toddler Safe While Playing Outside

    By Chris Smith
    on October 24, 2016

    Keep Your Toddler Safe While Playing Outside

    It’s easy to get distracted when you’re outside playing with your toddler. Maybe you have to retrieve a ball from deep in your bushes or try to get the ball back from a playful dog. These are the moments your toddler decides to make a dash for the stairs and the last thing you want is for her to get to your deck stairs before you do. The Stair Barrier is the perfect solution to your outside playtime. With The Stair Barrier safety gate at the bottom of your outdoor staircase, your little one can’t climb the stairs and risk taking a tumble.

    Our outdoor safety gates for stairs are customizable and perfect for any outdoor stairs with banisters. Your childproof gate will be a custom fit for your outside stairs. The gate can easily be removed and stored in a safe place when the weather takes a turn for the worst. If you happen to leave your safety gate outside when the weather is at its worst, don’t worry, our outdoor safety gates are made with weather-and mildew-resistant canvas.

    The next time you have your friends and their children over for a play-date, you won’t have to worry about one of the little ones getting away from the group and wanting to race up or down the stairs. Your childproof gate from The Stair Barrier can be placed at the top or the bottom of your outside stairs depending on whether you’d like to keep your kiddos from going up or down the stairs.

    Shop our collection of outside safety gates for stairs today to ensure you’ll be ready for the next time you open your back door and your toddler takes off without you! View our outside collection now!

    Outdoor Gates For Your Back Deck Parties

    By Chris Smith
    on October 17, 2016

    Indoor-Outdoor safety gate keeps dogs off decks.

    Picture this: You and your friends are out on your back deck, grilling hamburgers and munching on pasta salad. The only problem is, Rosco, your cute chihuahua, is jumping up and down trying to get closer to the hamburgers on the grill. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all wished we had another option than putting poor Rosco inside only to beg to come back outside.

    If you’ve ever been in this scenario or experienced something similar, you’ll be glad to know that all of your problems could be solved with The Stair Barrier outdoor gate. The Stair Barrier has invented a dog gate for stairs that is perfect for outdoor use.

    When you’re having a party, you want your whole family to be a part of the festivities, including your pets. The only problem is, your animals usually want to be where the action is: right beside the action, to be exact. It’s hard to host a party and grill the hamburgers when your pet is under your feet, excited by all the fun.

    If you’ve ever been in this scenario or experienced something similar, you’ll be glad to know that your problems can be solved with The Stair Barrier outdoor gate. The Stair Barrier’s indoor/outdoor fabrics are perfect for outdoor use. With an outdoor gate at the foot of your back deck stairs, you’ll feel relieved knowing that you won’t have to worry about what your four-legged baby is getting into, and he’ll be relieved that he wasn’t banished inside.

    For your next back deck party, be sure to find the outdoor gate that will work for your stairs. Shop our outdoor gates online collection now!

    Our Eco-Friendly Products

    By Chris Smith
    on October 10, 2016

    Our Eco-Friendly Products

    Finding a safety gate for your stairs can be tricky. Especially when you’re trying to find a stair barrier that fits your custom width staircase. Add in your desire to find a product that is also made in America and uses eco-friendly materials, and you’re almost out of luck. That is until The Stair Barrier came along and changed the approach to manufacturing stair safety gates.

    With The Stair Barrier, our approach to making safety gates for stairs has come from a place of wanting to offer people American made products that are also made with environmentally friendly materials.

    In our effort to be forward-thinking in providing parents with the best solution on the market, we discovered REPREVE. Now in addition to being American Made, we are able to offer many fabric options made with recycled fibers derived from plastic bottles. Each gate made with REPREVE yarn gives 34 recycled bottles a new purpose.

    Our desire to make a better stair safety gate was born out of a desire to provide a more reliable stair guard for the safety of the children and pets in our home. It is also our desire to sustain the world in which we live for our growing children that we are caring for with our stair safety gates.

    If you’ve been looking for a better solution to your stair guard needs that not only solves the problem of being able to customize your stair barrier to fit your staircase, but also supports the nation's economy and cares about the environment, then The Stair Barrier is for you. Shop our full selection of stair barriers online, now!