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  • Tips to Keep Your Toddler Safe and Your Home Stylish

    Tips to Keep Your Toddler Safe and Your Home Stylish

    You’ve worked hard to have a beautiful home, and keeping it looking it’s best with a to...

  • From a Need to a Dream--The Launch of The Stair Barrier

    From a Need to a Dream--The Launch of The Stair Barrier

    In July 2007 my family moved into our current home. My daughter Peyton was 2 ½ years old, and my son PJ was 2 months old. I also had two large 4-legged babies, Harley and Olivia. We had spent six months building our home, and I never once considered I’d have to use our terribly unattractive, old baby gates. That was until moving day. As I was hauling boxes through the front door and up my extra-wide stairs with its volute (curved) banisters, I realized my gates were not going to work on my new stairs.

    There was the feeling of relief, but also the nagging question of what am I going to do? PJ was going to be mobile in the next 6 months and I didn't want the dogs having access to the up-stairs. Another issue, my last 3 stairs are wood and extremely slick for the dogs to navigate. I knew Harley, being older and larger, would have trouble maneuvering her way down the stairs. The possibility of her breaking or tearing something was very real. Safety aside, my new stairs are the first thing you see when entering my home. The thought of my old gates on my new stairs, made my head spin. I had at least 4 months before PJ was mobile—plenty of time to find gates that worked with my stairs and that were also attractive. I spent that time searching on-line and in stores. I found nothing!

  • A New Solution to an Old Problem

    A New Solution to an Old Problem

    With the unlimited variations of banisters and stairs, finding a gate that works is a difficult process for many. Almost everyone I speak to on the topic of baby gates say how much they hate them and can’t wait to remove them. Then I hear stories of how difficult they are to use and installing them required some creative thought, a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s, cutting this pieces of wood, utilizing plastic strips, modifying it this way or that. Not to mention, this was usually after purchasing additional extension kits, no drill kits AND a gate. Other folks have told me that they used pressure-mounted gates and slide them through their spindles (sometimes tying them) to keep the kids or pets from going up the stairs. Admittedly, once the kids got a little older, it wasn’t a very safe option. Other folks would just move furniture to block the stairs or slide a piece of wood through the spindles. Do-It-Yourself baby gate ideas are everywhere. Mommy Blogs are wrought with the question—what is the best gate for my stairs?