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  • Our Season of Giving Begins Today

    Our Season of Giving Begins Today

    We're excited to launch a month-long effort to raise money for the VETERANS EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION (VEO), an Atlanta-based organization serving homeless veterans and their families.

  • Puppy Training Tips

    Puppy Training Tips

    There are few things cuter and more exciting than getting a new puppy. The memory of b...

  • Why It’s Safer to Keep Your Dog Off the Stairs

    Why It’s Safer to Keep Your Dog Off the Stairs

    Homes are not built with dog safety in mind, which means its up to their human parents to make adjustments that keep them safe. Limiting a dog’s stair access is a big part of this because it helps decrease the risk of accidents for all family members--both human and canine--and ensures that a dog's delicate joints and bones do not wear out prematurely. 

  • Care for older dogs

    How to Best Care For Your Senior Dog

    Five tips to help make older dogs' transition into maturity as healthy and comfortable as possible.

  • Winter Dog Care

    Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Pup During Winter Months

    Did you know that exposure to the cold can be just as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans? Keep them safe this winter with these tips.