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Our Story

I grew up in Michigan in a proud “Ford” family who instilled in me a deep understanding of what American-Made means to American families. To me, American-Made means creating jobs, building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, turning business colleagues into friends, and being able to ensure that my company delivers high-quality products I believe in.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

In 2008, I needed a way to keep our dogs and baby off our curved banisters and extra-wide stairs. The options on the market were neither attractive, nor 100 percent safe given the jerry-rigging that was required to attach the gate between banisters. As is the case with many products on the market today, necessity was the mother of invention. When I couldn’t find a solution, I invented my own.

After years of friends and family telling me I should start a business selling the fabric baby gate for the bottom of the stairs I designed for my own home, I took the leap of faith and left my executive recruiting practice to launch The Stair Barrier.

Bringing Pride to American Workers

I was told repeatedly that the only way my business would succeed would be to produce my fabric stair gate overseas. This was not the type of business I was interested in building. After many months of hard work and persistence, I found a US based manufacturer, an American fabric mill, and American suppliers for the multiple components of The Stair Barrier.

Our product labels are produced in Oregon and New Jersey; our rods in Georgia; our fabrics are milled in North Carolina; and our plastic in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. The Stair Barrier child proof gates are assembled in Georgia, which allows me to oversee production and ensure that my products meet my customers’ needs, and provide them the solution I was searching for years ago.

I am extremely proud that The Stair Barrier fabric baby gates are now widely available to families across the United States thanks to a good deal of hard work, determination, and a strong team committed to growing an American-Made business.

Me and my 4 children

PJ (10), Harper (Boxer), Thor (Ridgeback) and Peyton (12)

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