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PARTS - Internal Strut

$ 4.99

Replace a lost or broken strut with an internal strut replacement.

  • Includes one strut (four are needed per regular or wide Stair Barrier).
  • Fits all regular and wide Stair Barriers.

Looking for a replacement strut for your Stair Barrier? Stair Barriers has replacement struts for all of our child safety gates. We get that life happens, and at some time your retractable pet gate may have some damage done to it. But don’t fear, because the experts at Stair Barrier have replacement struts for all of our regular or wide child proof gates. To make your fabric baby gate complete again, simply remove the broken strut and replace it with the new one. It’s easier than saying your ABCs. When your banister to banister baby gate needs a new strut, get your new Stair Barrier part right from the source and get back to blocking your stairs the safe way. Get your spare internal strut from Stair Barrier today!

  • Fits most Stair Barriers
  • Replaces lost or broken internal struts
  • Must get custom strut for custom Stair Barriers
  • One strut included per purchase