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Travel Bag

$ 14.99

Transport your pet or child safety gate with ease!

Our banister to banister baby gates are lightweight (6 pounds), portable, and easy to install. Whether you are taking your pet on vacation or taking your child to a playdate, our safety gates can easily be packed up and transported. With this Stair Barrier Travel Bag, transporting your child safety gate is now easier than ever before!

The Stair Barrier Travel Bag Features:
  • Made of durable, lightweight material 
  • Long, reinforced straps make transportation of your gate effortless
  • Designed to fit the contours of Stair Barrier bottom of stairs gates
  • Improve the portability and versatility of your banister to banister baby gate


When looking for a banister to banister baby gate, don’t choose between safety and style. Get both with The Stair Barrier!